Do you love driving your car and think that there is no better alternative way of travel? Or do you have the idea that travelling via train is inefficient and expensive way to travel? If you do, then you may think otherwise. Here are 5 reasons why travelling by train is better than travel by car.

1. You can multitask and relax when riding a train

With a car, it is by law and common sense that you concentrate fully on the road when driving. It is dangerous to multitask when you drive a car. For instance, you are not allowed to text message or answer the phone in parts of the United States. When riding on a train, you can multitask to your hearts content. Answering the phone, messaging, eating, playing your video game is perfectly allowed and easy to do. You can spend more time doing things on a train compared to driving a car!

2. You can drink as much alcohol and not be fined

When riding a train, you can drink as much alcohol as much as you can. With driving a car, you are limited to how much you can drink and potentially you can land yourself in jail if you drink too much.

3. There are significantly less accidents and fatalities when riding a train compared to the car

If you want to travel safely, then the best way to travel is by train. When you travel by train, there is no need to worry about pedestrians, incoming cars and obstacles because safety features are installed to stop them injuring train passengers.

Compared to cars, people get into accidents in a car every minute around the world. With trains, at most less than a thousand get injured when travelling via train.

4. You can sleep on the train

If you are a person who doesn’t get enough sleep throughout the day or need extra hours to rest for your work, then the train is a perfect way to get some extra sleep to your day. Hence, when riding on a train, it can make you feel more refreshed!

5. You can socialise and speak to other people

One of the best things about travelling via trains is that you can converse and talk to other people without any distractions. If you are single and want to meet other single people, than trains is the perfect way to find your partner!

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