Grifols is a producer of biotechnological products and services for the healthcare sector.

The website starts with strong statement: «What matters most: People.» More difficult it is to evaluate the site and the annual report on this statement.

Their vision: to assist professionals in securing the health and well-being of humanity through dedicated service and innovative products.

Grifols is a group of companies, which serves healthcare professionals and patients in over 90 countries around the world. They research, develop, manufacture and market plasma derivatives, IV therapy, enteral nutrition, diagnostic systems and medical materials.

The mission statement is divided in five areas:
– Health. Our services and products help you improve the health and well-being of humanity.
– Innovation. New products and services from Grifols enable major advances in patient health and medical capability.
– Experience. Grifols: a proven, trusted plasma pioneer since 1940.
– Resources. As part of the global Grifols family of companies, Grifols gives you access to world-class resources and worldwide service.
– Commitment. A heritage of more than sixty years of innovation, safety and service.

The organization of Grifols is divided roughly into

Industrial area, dedicated to developing, research and manufacturing of products and services (diagnostic, laboratories, engineering, biomat, plasmacare and biologicals) and a commercial area (marketing, distribution and customer service) which is setup regionally (America, Asia and Europe) a third branch «Others» covers «grifols Viajes» (travel)

A family business: the company was founded in 1940 by Dr.Grifols i Roig founds Grifols (Laboratories) together with his sons.

Interesting facts on the timeline starts as soon as 1943 when «The first single donor lyophilized plasma in Europe and the first penicillin in Spain are produced.» In 1945 the first private blood bank is opened in Spain and in 2006 the company Grifols is listed on the Spanish Stock exchange.

There are three divisions:

Bioscience Division. Specializes in the research, development, production and commercialization of high quality plasma derivates. Grifols’ original product line.
Diagnostic Division. Focuses on researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing diagnostics products for laboratory analysis, including products for Hospital Blood Banks and Transfusion Centers.
Hospital Division. Provides a wide range of non-biological products used in hospital pharmacies, surgery, nutritional support, fluid therapy and for other therapeutic uses.

Interesting about the annual report is its design, simple but the statistical and financial figures are represented with test-tubes stressing the laboratorial business.

In 2007 Grifols recorded total revenue of 703 million euros and total profit of 87.8 million euros.
We have a low level of debt (net financial debt is 1.9 times EBITDA), which gives us a comfortable margin for carrying out the next stage of our business expansion plan. (An ambitious, 400 million euro investment plan to fund its growth in the next five years, which it began implementing in 2008)

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